Dec 252010

Happy Holidays from Jessica, Michael, John, and Cornell. (mommy daddy baby doggy)

John Edward Korcok is now 6 months old and has been growing fast and lean. At 4 months old, he began to babble, much like his old man’s students at 8am after a bending party. Here he is lighting up the room.

For Halloween, the lad dressed up as Captain America, of course. (We won’t tell you who Iron Man, Spiderman, and Black Widow were … but we fight “the foes no single superhero can withstand”). Here is the leader of The Avengers getting ready for battle:

But “superhero” doesn’t come easy. There are long hours of training in the Mansion’s gym. Here is the lad during a workout in the P90 Herotron:

And of course, to DO good, one must LOOK good. And that requires adequate rest:

John has been growing fast. He now weighs 18 lbs, which is the 60th percentile for male 6-month olds and is 28.75 inches long, which is the 99th percentile for male 6-month olds.

We don’t want to give the wrong impression. John isn’t just working on the strong body part. Here is dad teaching the boy some chemistry.

“See, the rapid oxidation of methane in the process of combustion releases light at 700 nanometer wavelengths, heat at 1,500 degrees Fahrenheit, water vapor and carbon dioxide. This is the model of methane combustion used by chemists like mommy:

CH4[g] + 2 O2[g] -> CO2[g] + 2 H2O[l] + 891 kJ

Can you say “kilojoules” for daddy? That’s FIRE! It’s HOT! And RED! And BOOOO to CO2, BOOOO!”

Mommy, the only one in the house with a real science degree, teaches the love.

And we end this page with… sleepy sleep for the boys of the family: